EHHE 中间旁边
By Zeon Wzz Follow | Public

中间旁边是EARTH HEART里,“ART”存在的位置,对于我们来说,艺术就是一种生活态度,中间旁边则是持有这样理念,打造本土文化的平台。



Earth Heart Art & Culture is a team dedicated
to supporting heritage and art in Johor!
We are called EHHE
because we think
the Earth without art
is boring,
and the heart without art
is not complete,
take out the “art”, it’s just EHHE.
We need you to fill in the "art"!

EHHE is a big family embracing creators and artists from various background under one roof, the team gathers people with the same interest and common belief, which seeking the self value without following the trend is their common belief. The team consists of members with different character and background, the combination of difference hence ignites an unexpected spark, nevertheless is reflected on our work too. Every creation signifies a breakthrough, and what we are aspiring to do is to seek infinite possibilities, along this path we are exploring various kind of artistic medium, including painting, experimental theatre, original composed song, big scale sculpture, etc.